Central Jersey Chapter meets in North Brunswick, NJ.
Meetings start at 8 pm on Monday nites.

In addition to practicing and learning hypnosis, we are a
community where people can learn hypnosis, NLP and related
skills together, practice, share viewing videos and other media.
We anticipate doing occasional Saturday meetings and other

The group is open for everyone from novice to professional.
The contact person and leader is Michael .

Group Leader's Bio:

Michael, Esq. He has been doing NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis since 1986. Mike has done advanced trainings with Bandler, Grinder, Dilts, Dobson, and other leading trainers from coast to coast and internationally. In recent years he has been an active member of the training team for such institutes as Doug O'Brien and Associates, The Dynamic Wellness Center, and The Foundation for Education Administration. Michael's primary hypnotic focus is Ericksonian. His primary hypnotic influences are David Dobson, Dr. Tony Scannella, Doug O'Brien and Lynette Peale. Michael also plans on exploring the world of DHE with the SleepWalkers. Michael believes that the Sleepwalkers are not only about learning and mastering hypnosis, but also about exploring what else can be or become possible using hypnosis and other rapid change methodologies.

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