Major Mark Cunningham receives the 'Founding Father' award.
An honorary award from Sleepwalkers for being the major inspiration
behind the group and it's younger members.


Major Mark: Thank you again for your contribution to myself and cohorts on this unbelievable journey to an outrageous way to live. I am extremely pumped up from yesterdays event and I'm thirsty for me. I want to thank Dan , John and all the other sleepwalker members for allowing this spectacular event to happen. This is what living is alll about. I now wish i had taped yesterday, just to hold me until I receive my first tape series of Major Mark.....awesome stuff.....Thanks again guys and gals...Ginny Brown-McCarthy

Personally, I can't get enough of Mark's lessons -- because not only are they entertaining and interesting, their undeniable TRUTH rings through in each of them, forcing me to release my reasons for NOT getting what I desire.. and forget excuses.


Thank you once again, Mark, for shattering my belief systems and bringing me into the reality that my dreams become possible.. And not only Possible, but Do-able.

And one thing I can say that points to Mark's uncanny abilities as a teacher: I can hardly wait to Practice what I learned FULL TILT in my daily Life. THAT, my friends, gives me an excitement you wouldn't believe!

And for those who weren't there.. besides missing the opportunity of a lifetime;-), you also missed our ceremony that followed. So, just so that we're all in-the-know. Here is the run on the certificate Mark recieved upon the conclusion of yesterday's session:

This is to Certify that Major Mark Cunningham
In recognition of his outstanding contributions to our membership,
his loyal friendship, support and devotion to the the Hypnosis
Community as well as being the sole inspiration for the formation of
the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers organization.
Our membership in all humility honors you with the title:


You deserve it, Mark. Thanks again for helping to make my dreams a reality! All my best, Dan Gaylinn

Well, as aprofessional actor, I have a nice little quote about people from Sandy Meisner:

People are what they do, not what they say.
That being said, Major Mark was definately a man who has done and is doing much to make this place a better world. And the power of his words and his examples yesterday were truly inspiring.

Thanks to Mark, Dan John and the rest of you Sleepwalkers! - Scott Alan Hoye

I found Mark to be an intelligently spoken individual, with fresh
ideas, perspectives, and a wealth of valuable experience and wisdom.
He's right when he called himself a whore when it comes to his
willingess to share. Buy the man a drink or dinner and he'll be more
than happy to answer ur questions for hours at a time! lol - Marco Cepeda

I agree 110% with all of the glowing comments said so far about Major Mark! Seeing him in person was a wonderful treat, and definately worth the 9 hours David and I spent in the car to do it! The only problem ... I've listened to a few of his hypnotic inductions on cd and now I've got his voice tied to that state ... upon hearing it all I felt like doing was just dropping into trance! =) He definately lives up to all the hype. - Leland Chung

Sunday in Mark Land

Hey guys/gals, I’d like to thank everyone who came to Major Mark’s event. Despite 3 parades, bike-a-thons and a very congested commute into the city which clogged all the major arteries on this busy NYC weekend, 70 people were in their seat promptly at 2 PM – some traveling more than 200 miles for the event.

Thank you for making this event so successful.

Mark was fabulous. For me, it was a dream meeting. Mark has been the inspiration for Sleepwalkers for one reason – his teachings. His concise and clear explanations cause EFFECTIVE PERMANENT CHANGE. No bull here. No new age mumbo jumbo …. Just tried and true concepts. I won’t say much more because there are another 69 of you who were there ……. What was your experience? (*Remember to thank Dan for getting the ‘Markster’ to take that initial step … and visit our group). Mark was given our ‘honorary founding father’ award, a specially imported Hawaiian Shirt (a necessary accompaniment for those Bangkok seminars) and a lei (flowers on a string) as well as kisses from our two Sleepwalkers Sleeper-ette presenters – Cindy and Shauntay. - JP

The Major was in RARE FORM today, what with his off-beat teaching stories and phenomenal teaching examples, with which he was able to explain in clear and lucid language Exactly what it takes for someone
to exhibit the RAW and INSATIABLE Will and Wisdom of Hypnotic Power.
What does that mean? It means that if you weren't powerfully affected today, and perhaps allowed for the changes that you desire (d) to take place, then you'd really ought to CHECK YOUR F#*$*N' PULSE, 'cause the essence of Change was within your reach!
We had a massive turnout, topping over 65, including our inner-group members, and folks from the street who just couldn't HELP but find themselves attracted to whatever we had in store for them..... DG

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