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- New York Hypnosis Center Training - John Petrocelli.
Pure hands-on NYC, no barred, hypnosis with brass cojones for those who want to go out into the trenches and start working .. feet first.
This training evolved from Sleepwalkers Hypnosis Members who wanted to enter the field and found the major hypnosis organizations
were not fillng the need.

The Silva Method Hypnosis Training
Jose Silva developed and improved hypnosis techniques over 50 years ago and many hypnosis organizations
have ripped off his methods, his wording, his ideas. This is the training the hypnosis organizations should
have been teaching. You will get it here. Just the facts, the techniques, and the 'hands-on' experience
from having millions of graduates world-wide go through the Silva Mental Training Exercises.

Sleepwalkers members could not get the expert guidance, help, or knowledge-base
from the traditional organizations. This organization was formed to make the next
leap in a 'real certifying body."

Major Mark Cunningham - "Sleepwalker's Hall of Fame".
If there is one person in the hypnosis field that has reawakened the interest in the youth of this country in the subject, it is Mark Cunningham. He specializes in self development and creating states in oneself for self improvement. He was one of the major influences in the formation of the Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers.
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GIL BOYNE - A.C.H.E. - When it comes to regression-based hypnotherapy and
innovative techniques that have revolutionized the industry, Gil Boyne is the man. Integrating
interactive hypnosis with radical and revolutionery ideas taken from 60's therapists, like
Fritz Perls, Gil's methods have changed people's lives and how we do hypnosis today.

ricksonian Hypnosis - Doug O'Brien, former trainer with Anthony Robbins is known for his specialty in Sleight of Mouth patterns and covert hypnosis. This Sleepwalker's favorite combines the approach of Milton Erickson with who after 45 years in the field, is slowly being accepted as a Genius - Dave Dobson - who teaches 1-2X a year on Friday Island off of the state of Washington.
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E Sleepwalkers Practice Groups
Sleeper - Various Instructors - Hailed as the best training in the field ... 'real-world' commando training .. using hypnosis and IT'S FREE !!!

We recommend that you take a weekend course with one of the fine instructors above for a 'jump start', ask for the Sleepwalkers discount .... and then .... RU

N ... don't walk ... to your nearest practice group.
This is where the intensity starts! Join us .... And again ... it's free ... log on to the Sleepwalker's email list to keep abreast of the latest info


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